This month has been the craziest, happiest whirlwind of a month, and I never ever expected my life to be going the way that it is right now. I was in such a different place even just 5 weeks ago that I keep having to double-take and figure out how my life is where it is.

First thing’s first — TP and I are DATING. Like, he is my boyfriend.

Listen. I know it’s early. I know I JUST got out of a long relationship. But you guys all saw how bad that one was for me. I know TP lives far away, I know I know I know all of the crazy ways this could be bad. But… he’s amazing.

We began talking every single day, all day, and eventually that turned into late nights talking on the phone. Eventually that turned into facetiming for hours, and eventually that turned into me driving up to visit him last weekend. It was amazing. I didn’t know what to expect going into it. We both were aware we had feelings for each other but neither one of us was brave enough before the visit to ask what the other was expecting, so we kinda went in blind.

I got there on Thursday night. I met him at his bible study, he introduced me to everyone, and then we went to Chili’s (we have an insane amount of things in common, and one of them is our mutual love for Chili’s). Not gonna lie, things felt kind of awkward. I’m incredibly attracted to him and I felt a little shy, and I could tell he was feeling a little shy and closed off, and I didn’t initially feel that connection that we felt via text (where he was more open). This immediately made me scared that things between us wouldn’t be good. We got back to his house and he immediately put a movie on. I sat on his (twin-sized!) bed, and he sat on the floor. I could tell he wasn’t super comfortable, and I wanted him to sit with me, but it took me until almost the end of the movie to invite him up with me. The movie ended, we put on another one, and during that one we ended up laying down cuddling in his bed. It was super nice.

We were both falling asleep so we turned the movie off. Getting comfortable in his small bed when both of us were feeling so awkward was impossible. I was wide awake once we tried to settle down to sleep, of course. He noticed and asked if I was even tired anymore, and I told him no, and then we kissed. He tried to french kiss me, which SURPRISE, I had never done before. I was so embarrassed telling him that and we cut it short and went to sleep. I slept horribly, so did he.

The next day is when things got nice. We just hung out and went shopping during the day, but it was when we came back that things got comfortable. I was sitting on the edge of his bed and next thing I know he’s standing between my legs and we’re making out and let me tell you, I have never ever been so sexually attracted to someone as I am to TP. Things got heated and he started bringing up sex — am I waiting till marriage? why wait? and this opened the door to so much. First of all, now I know how “heat of the moment” situations happen because I was thisclose to going against my own self and sleeping with him because I was SO into him. We talked super deeply between kisses and all that. I said things like — I don’t want this to be all about sex. I want this to be more than just a “like” thing before sex. I want to know that it’s going to be a longterm situation before we have sex. He said things like — it is more than like for me. It won’t be all about sex, I promise; I don’t want that either. I’m in this for the long-run.

We talked about how much we liked each other. How I am a virgin, how it’s been a while for him, how scared I was to ruin things by having sex too soon. We kissed A LOT. He was so dominant but gentle — grabbing my things to pull me to the edge of the bed so we could be closer, etc. and TP is super attractive. Like, beautiful dark skin, white straight teeth, easy to smile, eyes that smile, the perfect voice that’s not too deep or too high, an easy laugh, long dreaded hair that looks so good on him, a thin but muscular frame, big hands, soft skin, broad shoulders, about 4″ taller than me. He is perfect in EVERY way. So yeah, I had a very hard time saying no to sex. and I maybe regret it a little, but not really, because I know it’ll be good when we do. But, it was during this situation where I was like, I’m not even your girlfriend yet. he said “I feel like you are” and I said, “I feel like you haven’t asked.” and then he used my full name and asked me and I told him yes and we kept kissing. The rest of the trip after this was beautiful and easy and comfortable. We slept well cuddled in his twin bed.

I left Sunday afternoon, and I truly didn’t want to leave. His little cousins live with him and they were so cute, and his mom and the rest of his family that I met were so sweet.

I love how light and easy our relationship is. There’s not this air of weird angry/sexual tension like there always was with Bear. Even when TP was – very obviously – turned on, he talked to me like normal, held me like normal, held normal conversations, didn’t make things about that. I couldn’t even breathe around Bear without him getting turned on and going off in his own pants (I’m so serious. It’s horrible.) and that always made me feel so weird.

The affection between TP is the best part. He seems to be as naturally affectionate as I am – leaning in for surprise kisses, automatically holding hands, absentmindedly rubbing legs/backs/arms. There was even a moment when he got up in the middle of the night to use the restroom. He saw that I was awake when he came back and he kissed me, then we both went back to sleep. There’s something so beautiful about that little stuff to me.

I love how he just seems comfortable in his own skin. He was dancing in my car, singing in restaurants, goofing off in stores.

I’m gonna go see him again next weekend, I really can’t get enough of him and it’s scary but incredible.

ON A DIFFERENT NOTE. School started up again this week and I’m overwhelmed already. I have three online classes and 1 in person class. My in person class is amazing and easy and my online classes seem fun but tough so we’ll see how that goes.

I have been hanging out with Chick and her roommates (who I also knew from my church days), and I have been hanging out with a new coworker (sort of), Dawn. She’s so fun and easy to get along with. We’ve gone to the movies and to karaoke, and we’re going to the mall this weekend. She’s great.

I’m tired and gonna go call TP so we can talk till we pass out.


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