So. I finished Parenthood. By accident. I was babysitting for the Barbie family and I was bingeing Parenthood and on the last scene of the last episode, realized it was the LAST episode. I cried so much! So many times.

I’ve lost 10 pounds since my last update! I still have like 60 pounds I’d like to lose in an ideal situation but I’m not too worried about it. All just by eating LCHF. I’ve been a little more active for sure but mostly just avoiding carbs, sugar, soda. I’m allergic to artificial sweeteners so I can’t have diet anything, just drinks sweetened with Stevia instead of sugar. I’ve a couple of times had a dessert or something kinda carby but for the most part, I’ve been really good. I didn’t feel good for a few days after I really started but now I feel great. I don’t get stomach aches anymore!

Baby W is as cute and amazing as ever. He laughs now, for real. He’s about to be 3 months old.. I can’t even believe it. SIL and I are as close as ever.

My little brother had a very scary health situation on Thursday. I can never convince him to drink water. I’ve been telling him for months that it’s going to catch up with him. Well, Thursday, it did. He was throwing up and had diarrhea, which dehydrated him worse than he already was. This caused his blood pressure to drop, which caused him to pass out. He also had a seizure. He passed out 4 times before my family called 911. Paramedics couldn’t find his pulse immediately because his heart was skipping around. He was in the ER for 6 hours and he has a terrible concussion now and is on all sorts of meds. I at least hope this gets him to stay hydrated now. It was literally so scary.

I GET TO SEE BEAR IN LIKE 13 DAYS. We’re going to a concert and then he’s coming back with me and I’m so excited to have him here with me all the time. I saw him for a few days in July but we haven’t spent a lot of time together since April! SO READY!!

I really want to go back to college in the winter. I miss school so bad. My anxiety makes everything really scary and bad and hard. But I think I can do it.