So there was definitely some drinking and CAH at my birthday party! It was really so nice. The wine didn’t really affect me and the beer was disgusting but my whole family was together and my long-time friend from middle school was here, too! It really was so nice.

Bear had to leave the next day though and we both cried and it was really sad. I can’t believe he’s only been gone a week. I miss my boy so much already.

We’ve had a bunch of kittens over here because SIL and brother couldn’t/wouldn’t take care of them so right now I have 6 cats at the house. It’s been insane.

My work schedule has sucked this week, 8 days in a row and then 1 day off before black friday/thanksgiving stuff. Today was day 6 but I had to go home early because I’m really sick. I feel like I’m swallowing glass and my entire body is achy and sore. I just want to sleep but I can’t sleep because of my throat hurting so bad. I may end up in trouble for not staying all day but maybe not.




I can’t even believe it’s been so long since I’ve updated!! I definitely knew it had been a while but didn’t realize it had been three months.

August was mostly just sucky, honestly. I had a lot of anxiety although I did go see Bear for a weekend. I surprised him! He didn’t know I was coming. I walked into his room while he was watching wrestling and his first thing was, “What are you doing here?” I told him I was staying for a few days, that his dad had already known about it, though I didn’t tell his mom. We had an incredible few days. We really needed it. We had been apart for a while and had talked so much and felt so much closer but it’s hard to tell if we’re really closer until we’re together in person. We definitely were! We spent a day just at his house in bed and watching tv, but we also spent a day walking around his town, going to the CUTEST cafe ever we went swimming in his grandma’s pool! SO good. Some of the pictures below are from that visit.

I don’t really remember much from September, honestly. I just kinda wanted to sleep through it! Bear came at the end of the month and the first thing we did, pretty much, when he got here was lay in bed and kiss. Bear also brought me a bunch of birthday presents. He’s perfect. Candles, The Maine CDs, a stuffed puppy. some origami decorations, and the coolest thing of all, the FANCIEST bed set I’ve ever seen! It’s grey and blue and even has DECORATIVE PILLOWS!

October was pretty good! We watched a lot of horror movies, my work schedule has been much better and I haven’t felt awful about going into work. Halloween was okay, plans got switched around really  badly and it lead me to believe I was left out of what was happening. I wasn’t left out, and I did get some candy.

It’s November now, which I’m stoked about. My 21st is coming up and I’m just having the few friends I have plus my family over and we’re gonna play CAH and other party games and maybe drink a little. 🙂 There are talks of a possible promotion at work but who knows what will come of that!