Time passes so quick. Can’t believe it’s been more than a month since I’ve written.

So I lost my job the day after Christmas at Walmart — they fired all of their temps. I was devastated by it. I really loved that job. I’m hoping they call again soon so I can work there again.

I went to go see Bear on the 30th of December but the trip did not go anywhere near as smoothly as planned. I left knowing there was a lot of snow but not realizing just HOW much there was and how bad the roads were because of that. I first tried driving down through Minden, but when I got about an hour in and I spun into the other side of the road, I decided to just turn around and go to Walmart to get chains and windshield wiper fluid. I should have just stopped then and waited a few days before going to see him but love makes you do really dumb things and I decided to then go through Tahoe. I got stuck like 3 miles up highway 50 because chains were required but I had no clue how to put them on, and both cops that came by refused to help me. Three or so hours later, an old church friend’s husband came and put them on for me. Then the sun started setting and things started getting scary — it was snowing so hard I couldn’t see more than 3 feet in front of me and the sound the chains were making was nerve-wracking. At one point, I had to pull over to take the chains off because they were making a lot of noise, but I pulled over in the dark, by myself, and then I couldn’t get the chains off. That’s when I called mom (like 45 minutes outside of Placerville) and she stayed on the phone with me until I got to a gas station where I paid someone to take them off for me. I was really terrified throughout this whole thing. I will never drive alone in bad conditions again. It was awful.

I made it to Bear’s around 9pm and I originally left around 11am to go see him. I should have been there by 2. I made it and things were okay after that but I still have nightmares about it. We spent that weekend going to the mall and to the movies and out to eat. It was really nice.

We came home on the 2nd, He’s still here with me now and hasn’t stated any intentions of leaving. I told him I’d make him room in the dresser for his things and he wanted that. Things have been up and down. It’s weird getting used to being around each other all the time but it’s the best kind of weird. I’ve found that my feelings for him no longer make me feel like I want to explode; not because I love him less, but because every day I am able to show him and spend time with him.

I’ve been to the dentist willingly for the first time. Basically, I have 4 teeth that need to be pulled — two bad teeth (they’ve been hurting me for years, glad they’re leaving) and the two top wisdom teeth. I need to have fillings done (Half of them are done!!). I need to have my baby teeth removed, and then I will either need braces or spacers, depending on what the orthodontist says. I just want this all done!

Currently, I’m sitting in bed, pretty sick with a cold. Bear got up early this morning and went to the couch and he’s still there. It’s super windy outside which is spooking the cats, but I love it.